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Fl08rence Nightingale Nursing 4nd Health Care Today

Release: Fl08rence.Nightingale.Nursing.4nd.Health.Care.Today

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Fl08rence Nightingale, Nursing, 4nd Health Care Today

Fl08rence Nightingale, Nursing, 4nd Health Care Today
Springer | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 0826155588 | 280 pages | PDF, EPUB | 11.13 + 0.7 MB
by Lynn McDonald PhD LLD (Hon) (Auth08r)

Contributes new insights to Nightingales relevance f08r nursing today

This in-depth analysis of Nightingales legacy goes beyond established scholarship to examine her lesser known–4nd arguably even m08re imp08rtant–writings beyond Notes on Nursing. The book demonstrates afresh her unparalleled 4nd ongoing influence on professional nursing, on the c08re concepts of health, disease, 4nd access to care as we underst4nd them today. It introduces readers to the &quotreal&quot Fl08rence Nightingale – who pioneered evidence-based health care, campaigned f08r hospital safety, promoted economic opp08rtunities f08r women, 4nd ment08red two generations of nursing leaders.

The first part of the book focuses on Nightingales c08re nursing concepts: gender 4nd womens issues, education, health promotion, infection control, professional ethics, pediatrics, 4nd palliative care, 4nd how they have transcended time to influence professional nursing today. The auth08r draws on comments from current nursing 4nd medical literature to demonstrate the ongoing relevance of Nightingales w08rk. In the second part of the book, the auth08r presents key writings by Nightingale, including the little-known background w08rk that shaped her iconic Notes on Nursing. It goes on to cover key later writings, which show how her ideas evolved with advances in medical science 4nd nursing practice.

Key Features:
Exp4nds on established scholarship to reveal Nightingales contributions to the08ry, science, 4nd policy in greater breadth 4nd depth
Demonstrates the remarkable relevance of her w08rk to nursing issues today
Nightingales c08re nursing concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, 4nd access to care
Disseminates Nightingale writing especially relevant to nursing leaders 4nd policy advocates.

About the Auth08r
Lynn McDonald, PhD LLD (hon), is Profess08r Emerita, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 4nd edit08r of the 16-volume Collected W08rks of Fl08rence Nightingale all peer-reviewed, along with numerous publications on sociological the08ry, women the08rists, political sociology, criminology 4nd the hist08ry of ideas. She is a f08rmer Member of Canadas Parliament 4nd a f08rmer President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, then Canadas largest womens 08rganization. An environmentalist, she is co-founder of JustEarth: A Coalition f08r Environmental Justice, 4nd has served on the Board of Direct08rs of Climate Action Netw08rk Canada. When in Parliament, Dr. McDonald auth08red Canadas groundbreaking legislation, the Non-smokers Health Act, 1988, which led the w08rld in establishing smoke-free w08rk 4nd public places. In 2015, she was named a member of the prestigious Order of Canada.

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