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Revolution 4nd Evolution in Private Law

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Revolution 4nd Evolution in Private Law

Revolution 4nd Evolution in Private Law
Hart Publishing | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 1509913246 | 376 pages | PDF | 3.41 MB
by Sarah W08rthington (Edit08r),? Andrew Robertson (Edit08r),? Graham Virgo (Edit08r)

The development of private law across the common law w08rld is typically p08rtrayed as a series of incremental steps, each one delivered as a result of judges dealing with marginally different factual circumstances presented to them f08r determination. This is said to be the common law method. Acc08rding to this process, change might be assumed to be gradual, almost imperceptible. If this were true, however, then even Darwinian-style evolution-death of the dinosaurs 08r development of flight-would seem un1inskly in the law, 4nd radical 4nd revolutionary paradigms shifts perhaps impossible. And yet the hist08ry of the common law is to the contrary. The legal l4ndscape is littered with quite remarkable revolutionary 4nd evolutionary changes in the shape of the common law. The essays in this volume expl08re some of the highlights in this fascinating revolutionary 4nd evolutionary development of the common law. The auth08rs expose the nature of the changes undergone 4nd their significance f08r the future direction of travel. They identify the circumstances 4nd the contexts which might have provided an impetus f08r these significant changes. The essays range across all areas of private law, including contract, t08rt, unjust enrichment, 4nd property. No area has been immune from development. That fact itself is unsurprising, but an extended examination of the particular circumstances 4nd contexts which delivered some of private laws most imp08rtant developments has its own special significance f08r what it might indicate about the shape, 4nd the shaping, of private law regimes in the future. [Subject: Private Law, Contract Law, T08rt Law, Equity 4nd Trusts, Comparative Law, Property Law, Common Law]

About the Auth08r
Sarah W08rthington QC (Hon) FBA is the Downing Profess08r of the Laws of Engl4nd 4nd Fellow of Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 4nd Direct08r of the Cambridge Private Law Centre. Andrew Robertson is Profess08r of Law at the University of Melbourne 4nd Conjoint Profess08r at Lund University. Graham Virgo QC (Hon) is Profess08r of English Private Law in the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge Fellow of Downing College, University of Cambridge 4nd Pro-Vice-Chancell08r f08r Education, University of Cambridge. He is co-direct08r of the Cambridge Private Law Centre.

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