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Electromagnetic Perf08rmance Analysis of Graded Dielectric Inhomogeneous Radomes

Release: Electromagnetic.Perf08rmance.Analysis.of.Graded.Dielectric.Inhomogeneous.Radomes

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Electromagnetic Perf08rmance Analysis of Graded Dielectric Inhomogeneous Radomes

Electromagnetic Perf08rmance Analysis of Graded Dielectric Inhomogeneous Radomes By P. Mahima
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 60 Pages | ISBN : 9811078319 | 4.56 MB
This book rep08rts on a new radome wall configuration based on an inhomogeneous planar layer, which overcomes current fabrication constraints in radome design 4nd yields improved electromagnetic (EM) characteristics. The book also includes a detailed description of radomes 4nd antenna-radome interaction studies f08r different radome wall configurations.
The radome wall was designed using the equivalent transmission line method (EQTLM), since it requires less computational speed 4nd provides accurate results. In 08rder to substantiate the accuracy of the results obtained using EQTLM, the simulated results based on full wave methods 1insk CST Microwave Studio Suite are also included. The EM perf08rmance analysis of the antenna-radome system f08r two radome shapes, tangent ogive (f08r airb08rne applications) 4nd hemispherical (f08r ground-based applications), was perf08rmed using Geometric Optics Method in conjunction with the Aperture Integration Method. To show the efficacy of the new design, a comparison of perf08rmance characteristics between the novel radome 4nd conventional wall configurations is also included. Lastly, it presents antenna-radome interaction studies f08r various aperture distributions. The book offers a unique resource f08r all researchers w08rking in the area of microwave radomes.
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